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Posté par solitrek le 8 janvier 2012

Namaste !!
I am very sorry for delay sending you email. Please forgive me that I send you email after long duration. I am really very sorry for that. You know situation of Nepal, we were facing  load shedding problem here in Kathmandu. Here we all are fine and doing well. I hope every over there were also on good health. Now weather here in Kathmandu is bit colder. All children have their winter vacations. May be from next month my trekking will start. I have two short trek on khumbu reigon on this February. 
About surkey Electricity, now everything is fine and going well. We had provided electricity to upper villages too. All villagers were very happy to have electricity at their home. Now a days there were Tv channels at villages, every one can view international news in villages too. Many Many thanks from all villagers of Surkey to Solitrek. 
Any way thats all for today,  looking forward to hear from you again.
Wish you all the best.
With best regard
Karma & Family

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